20 Aug 2013

This is Paulette, the little girl who likes fairy cakes and kittens.

She has been around the playroom for a while now, waiting for me to sort out her clothes.

Can you see the braid on her dress, that is about 50 years old maybe a little more. I rescued it from a crinoline petticoat that my aunt made for my cousin way back when. The petticoat had become a dress up and somehow ended up here at our house with my Katie. It disintegrated but I saved the braid which was stitched around each layer of tulle

I managed to not take any good snaps of the cute kitten packet on her pinnie but believe me it is cute.

Wherever Paulette goes to live she will take her fairy cake recipe with her.
Paulette loves fairy cakes.

She will be in my etsy shop tomorrow morning at 9.30am AEST
Check the time in your zone here 
She is a 21" My Big Dolly, her hair is wefted goat hair,
her dress and pinnie are cotton and her shoes are wool.

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