new table

7 Aug 2013

When the children were younger whenever we changed the furniture around  
or reorganised their toy shelves it was always very exciting for them and their imaginations would go crazy
 as they thought up new games to play or played old games in new ways.

Well I have to say I feel much the same way with this marvellous colourful table stuck in the loungeroom.
Such a joy to work with the winter sunshine playing across the table 
and if the weather is dull I put the fairy lights on and it's magic in a different way.

I sit here with the fire crackling behind me and the window open enough to hear the little birds, a couple of jenny wrens, flitting around finding bugs and delicious things in the  bushes outside the window and singing the sweetest songs.

Can't believe I am so lucky, truly I can't.
The table won't be here forever of course but I'm making the most of it while it is.

3 Responses to “new table”

  1. What a beautiful area to work in! I am jealous ;) I am at work now and look out onto a concrete parking area & no bird song, just the humming of the printing press.
    Love the pretty dresses on the stands.

  2. What a great spot for you to work on your sweet dolls...I love watching out a little kitchen window by my kitchen table is my spot :) So much more pleasant than sitting in front of a watch the birds,the trees,flowers and all of nature....blessings


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