Happy Birthday

1 Aug 2013

from 1966

from 1965

one of my 3rd birthday cards, 1962

one of my 1st birthday cards, 1960

one of my 1st birthday cards, 1960

My little girlie is 16 years old today
and yes she is as sweet and clever as she looks.

We have two beautiful sons and so wanted a third child but it seemed it would never happen and then 5 years later came a daughter who brought so much light and love to everyone's life.
For her parents she was a dream come true,
 for her older brother she was pure joy, he loved her and that was so obvious in his happy face,
 for her oldest brother she unlocked a place in his little heart that we had not been able to touch, he could show emotion in a way he never had before, his love and loyalty and protectiveness for his sister were absolute and he was complete and open and it was a wonderous  thing to see.

So Katie, our family was not complete until you arrived and sometimes I think you hold us all together especially now when the boys have left home in the next phase of their lives.
You push your old parents and keep us young,
you are so joyful and caring, so alive and beautiful, so eager to be a part of life and love.
Thank you.

8 Responses to “Happy Birthday”

  1. Happy birthday to a sweet sixteen year old! Yes, daughters are truly a special blessing to a family. After 5 sons I had a surprise bundle at 40, my baby girl. She also keeps her 'old' parents on the move!

  2. Happy Birthday sweet Kate!
    Tania in Melb

  3. Happy Birthday to your beautiful young lady...all grown up :) Blessings

  4. Happy sweet 16th Katie♥ No wonder you are so proud, Katie is beautiful and no doubt on the inside as well.

  5. Best wishes Kate for a wonderful year ahead. Jenny, a beautiful photo of your girl.

  6. Happy birthday Katie. I hope you have a wonderful day.


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