6 Aug 2013


Miss Dodie needs some clothes.
Miss Jenny can't think what to make.
Is this dollmakers block?

Her face is so darn cute and she looks comfortable and good just in the old dress that everyone gets to wear while they wait for their clothes.
You can't beat a simple cotton frock can you.
Maybe I'm frightened I will start making things too complicated.
Complicated gets in the way of the elegance of simplicity.

We shall see.
I am having a very strange day today after having very little sleep last night, who knows what I will come up with,
I am prone to weird decisions when I'm tired.
Hopefully though  the clothes will happen today and Dodie can start to look for a new home.



5 Responses to “Dodie”

  1. I can't wait to see what you and Dodie come up with!! =) I love simplicity and I think that's what makes the charm of this sweet little lady so hard to resist. <3

  2. Sweet gentle daintiness is how I always see your little girls I always look forward to the next one.

  3. She is looking a bit Nordic? Beautiful.

  4. Maybe you will have to wait for Dodie to make her mind where she waits to live. If it's to be Brazil she will need some light weight clothes, but if she heads to New Zealand she may want some warmer clothes. A little afternoon nap might help to clear the mind.

  5. I think that is what I love about your dolls, the elegance and simplicity of them. She is simply perfect!


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