24 Aug 2013

Clary is inspired by the girl characters in the Cazalet series of stories by Elizabeth Jane Howard, the characters were Clary, Polly, Louise and Lydia and they all wore clothes typical of girls and teenagers of the mid to late 1930s.
Of course in the television version of the books Clary had long straight hair, the other girls all had longish bobs, parted at the side and pinned or tied out of the way.

Clary's dress is based on a 1930s dress pattern.
Children's clothes from this time are so lovely, not too fussy or frilly, sensible styles  for play, all classics.
I want to do more research into the children's clothes of this time, it is a favourite period in history for me and I have read many books, fiction and non fiction  and watched many films and TV series based on this time.
It is the time when my parents were young, my dad was born in 1927 and my mum in 1931, most of the influences on Australian society at large and clothing in particular were from the UK with a touch of Hollywood thrown in.

Anyway, this is Clary, she was a joy to create 
and a wonderful little character to have around.
She will be for sale tomorrow at 11amAEST as part of the For the Love of Dolls August Showcase.
You can check it out over here 


6 Responses to “Clary”

  1. I adore the Cazalet series, I only discovered Elizabeth Howard about ten years ago. The four books "show" the whole war with no bloodshed or shooting.

  2. Love love love those books, another is schedules to come out soon and continue Clary's story! Elizabeth Jane Howard is still alive and writing; the London Telegraph had an article within the past year about her.

    Clary always wore barettes (what you might call a hair slide) on that long straight hair. Just sayin'

    1. That's wonderful that EJH is still writing. This little doll isn't actually meant to be Clary Cazalet, she is much a younger child. Also I am usually a bit wary of putting metal clips in the hair of dolls meant for children.

  3. You are of course right about the metal; but could make a cute photo....

  4. Sweet little girl! I love the blue. I also like learning about that period too! Any book suggestions?
    Christina gomez


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