weekend doll, little Meiko

5 Jul 2013

Little Meiko has been in the works for sometime.
I made her wig first, using up the last of the Kidassia hair that I had

then I made her head and her sweet little face.

But wait, about a year ago I bought this fabric and cut out a little outfit and put it to one side.
Such pretty fabric needed a a special doll

Piece by piece she came together. 
The very last part was a pair of red shoes.

Now little Meiko is ready to find her special home.
She will be in the shop tomorrow morning at 9.30AEST and she hopes you pop by to say hello, and maybe, say come live with me.

4 Responses to “weekend doll, little Meiko”

  1. Hi Jenny- she is just the cutest thing! Her outfit, hair, face- absolutely perfect!

  2. Oh, I love her too.
    Is the goat hair suitable for play? Or should she stay on the shelf with only hugs once in awhile?
    Thank you. I just love looking on as your dolls come to life--what a privilege!

    1. The goat hair is suitable for normal doll play, that is it can be styled and can be cuddle and stroked. I would not recommend this doll for those aged 3 years or younger.


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