14 Jul 2013

It's a damp and kind of dreary day I guess except we didn't have anything in particular planned that needed sunshine except getting the washing dry and in winter that's an all week affair anyway.

I have been stitching together the knitted doll bodies I made so long ago and knitting their hats and boots.
 It's just the right kind of day for that. 
Cosy work. 
Mum has been round to visit after her weekly visit with Dad at the cemetery, fresh flowers , a tidy up of his grave and a chat to tell him how his family are and how his football team is going. 
Probably a report on the cricket today too.

She told me how pleased she was as she has finished knitting her new jumper and she had just enough wool.
 All you knitters will know how satisfying that it.
 My Andy has said he would be quite happy if I knitted him a nice warm jumper ( sweater) so I am contemplating that.
 Men's jumpers are a long term commitment,  they take so long to knit.
 I have thought about this one before and thought better of it.

Thinking of the little doll in the picture I am loving the soft muted colours I used, they remind of the Tasmanian landscape, especially on a day like today when the colours are more intense with the rain.

So it's a quiet soft day,
 puppy asleep on the couch next to Kate who is watching something or other on her laptop,
 one of the cats is by the fire washing, 
Stephen is out in the shed finishing off the new guinea pig cage, 
the boys are both back in Hobart 
and I am just about to head out to the kitchen to boil the kettle and make tea.
 It's a damp and kind of cosy day.

4 Responses to “Sunday”

  1. Love your dolls! Enjoyed reading about your day. Wish it was cold here in Louisians, USA. I think it was near 100 degrees today, not including heat index. And our AC went out. Hopefully is will be fixed Monday.

    1. Ugh, 100 degrees is too hot for me unless I'm near the sea.

  2. Melbourne was much the same, windy, rainy & cold. So as it was a kind of stay inside day, I started the dreaded paperwork sorting for the end of year tax boring! At least if you knit a jumper for Andy, he is not going to outgrow it anytime soon, it will be used for many winters to come.

  3. Here in texas its hot too. We finally got rain after weeks and weeks of nothing. Thoes colors are lovely.


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