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30 Jul 2013

OK let's get down to details

So that I don't become over committed I am offering 3 custom listings,
the three dolls will be completed and delivered in time for Christmas
Two will be offered comment style and the third will be available by auction.

The two comment style listings are exclusively for people who I have not made a custom doll for in the past.
Those who have a 
 Four Seasons doll package booked for this year are also not eligible.
We spoke about the Four Seasons packages in the last newsletter and that offer is now fully booked.

The listing to be sold by auction is open to everyone, new and old customers.

Now what is available...
I make lots of different size dolls and a few different body shapes and I am happy to work with you on any size custom doll except the 8"  to 10" dolls.

The prices are as follows:

11" - 12"  dolls  in body styles Sweet Child, Best Friend and Classic  $280

14" Sweet Child  $320

16" - 17"  Sweet Child and Classic   $380

16"-17"  Best Friend and Big Dolly  $420

 Descriptions for each type of doll are at the end of this post.

All dolls come dressed in a two piece outfit, knickers and shoes .
One extra outfit can be ordered at extra cost.
Some hairstyles such as commercial and handmade wefts and some handspun yarns will cost a little more.

Not all hairstyles are suitable for all size dolls,
the hand made wefts and some of the handspun yarns can be too heavy and overwhelming for little dolls
so I will help you through the process of selecting the most suitable type of hair for your doll.
Also please remember that I cannot reproduce a past doll and also that certain hair yarns or wefts may not be available for you.

Payment for the doll is not required until the doll is finished when payment in full will be required. 
You will be invoiced for the doll plus shipping and have 7 days to pay. 

If you would like to work with me to make your  little jenny wren doll please email me at

I will accept emails up until 6pm Wednesday July 31st (AEST)
and you will be contacted by email after that time if your name has been chosen.

The custom offer is not transferrable or resellable, I will only work with the people I have contacted.

The auction for the third doll will take place on Thursday 1st August  (AEST) and run for 24 hours.
The auction custom listing will be for a 20" Best Friend or 21" Big Dolly, the winner can choose.

Dolly types.


This is the original LJW doll and made in the essential waldorf style, 
body and legs are all in one piece stitched at the hip for movement.
Classic waldorf proportions and very much the cuddliest of my dolls.

You can see examples here All of the dolls in this set are Classics except the fairy doll

Best Friend doll

originally just a 20" doll this style is now available in the 16" and 12".
The doll has a bottom to making sitting more stable
The hands are also somewhat larger than those of  the Sweet Child and Classic.
Quite an adorable doll shape, the 20" in particular very much mimics the body type of the preschooler.
to have one of these dolls sitting on your lap is such a joy. The 20" size can wear newborn baby clothes which adds to the clothing possibilities.
See more here

Sweet Child doll

These dolls are long limbed and very slim with a rag doll style movement.
They remind me of children around five years of age when their little limbs have started to stretch out long.
This is a very graceful doll.
You can see more here  and here

Big Dolly

My newest style of doll and the only one with central leg seams rather than side seams.
This gives a different shape foot and a longer foot though all my dolls have properly formed feet.
The Big Dolly also has a formed bottom which is cute and  helps with sitting.
Again, like the Sweet Child doll, the Big Dolly is very slim and also has narrower shoulders than my other dolls.
I do love this new style because it gives different possibilities for movement and a different feel to the doll.
This style of doll is only available in 17" and 21"
You can see more here

2014 Customs.

I will be offering custom dolls in 2014 but not until March at the earliest. How they will be offered I have not yet decided but I will keep you informed through this newsletter and my blog.
I am aware that there are many of you who would like a custom doll and many prefer to fall in love with a ready to go doll. I prefer to have a mix and I always work on both custom and ready to go dolls at the same time, mixed in together because that suits me creatively.
I will continue to do my best to have a shop doll available each week and offer as many custom listings as I feel comfortable with.

Black heart (cards) Black heart (cards) Black heart (cards) I thank you all for your support and love for my work. I feel the energy of your interest and it drives me on to greater levels  of creativity, a positive and enthusiastic band of supporters is such a joy to share with and I hope you will continue with me on this journey  Black heart (cards) Black heart (cards) Black heart (cards)

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