7 Jul 2013

Chocolate Winterfest

Today we visited the little town where my grandparents used to live.
Every second weekend  for as many years as I can remember we would drive to Latrobe for our Sunday visit. 
Latrobe in those days was not a very exciting place to visit but the town has experienced a rebirth in recent times and in the middle of winter hosts Winterfest, a chocolatey celebration.

The best part of the day, after chocolate eating was wandering around the old town, visiting my Grandparents house ( now painted a dull brown and the magnificent vegetable gardens and raspberry canes are long gone).

We also walked along behind the town on the Sheean Memorial Walk  to Bells Parade and the Axeman's Hall of Fame
Frankie came with us on her first car outing and she was such a good dog.


  1. That looks like such a neat place, and pretty countryside. Chocolate? Yummy! Christinagomez

  2. The chocolate winterfest made the news in Brisbane! Tassie looks so lush and green not that I can complain with all the rain we've been having.

  3. Mam'selle Kate sont chic et francais.


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