winter colours

26 Jun 2013


Just tiny splodges of colour in my garden against the overwhelming green and brown theme of winter.


At lunchtime the  winter sun is on the grass where the blackwood tree used to be and I sit here with a dog or a cat and eat my lunch until I succumb to the reality that is actually a bit cold and I might be better off beside the fire.


Green and brown
and a little white dog off on an adventure.


3 Responses to “winter colours”

  1. Absolutely beautiful photographs!! Enjoy your days.

  2. Yes, there is colour in our gardens during winter...but as we tend to stay inside more I think we often miss the beauty of a winter's day. Early this morning I braved the cold to feed the magpie that stops for a visit on our decking handrail, and I was rewarded with the sound of a nearby Willie wagtail & a sighting of the local Kookaburra. Hope you get to enjoy some more of the winter sunshine.

  3. So nice to have thoes snippetts of color amidst the drab of winter:). Here in Texas its summer. And hot!:).
    Blessings ,


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