Tula Belle

13 Jun 2013

We have a name, Tula Belle.
She likes it , I like it, all is well.

This little doll has taken my hand and shown me exactly how she wants to be,
every step of the way.
I guess I shouldn't say little because she is 21" tall, the biggest size doll that I make but having her here is like having a little girl in the house again.

I can feel her enthusiasm, her deep thoughts, her wonder at everything around her in nature.
I have never forgotten what it felt like to be a child, never.
I had the privilege of living it all over again through my children's eyes,
when I worked in paediatrics, when I went to playgroups and school with my children
and now through my work, my craft, my art I am constantly reminded that my inner child is very much alive and whispering, giggling, shouting and filling my 54 year old eyes with wonder.

You will be able to get to know Tula Belle a little more in the coming days before she becomes available for sale by comment/email here on the blog.

9 Responses to “Tula Belle”

  1. Oh my goodness, she is so whimsical, I just adore her! Such a stories to be told through those eyes! <3

  2. She has such personality. She is amazing! You certainly know how to bring your dolls to life.

  3. Beautiful words, Jenny. And I love Tula Belle's hair.

  4. Lovely doll Jenny and like her knitted outfit xx

  5. Such a beautiful girl; her golden hair and rich coloring, and the ever-amazing childhood innocence of all your dolls.


  6. she is sweet, and i love her cute dimples.

  7. I think, perhaps, she may be the most beautiful doll you've ever made. But then when I see the others, I don't know, they are all so beautiful. Suffice to say, she is one of my new faves :)


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