24 Jun 2013


Lately I have been making a lot of big dolls, 16" up to 21" 
but I needed to make a little 10" custom doll and it made me remember just how much fun little things are.

I have always been a sucker for miniatures, I have always wanted a doll's house.
 I know exactly how I want it to be but we have no room in our little cottage for another house even if it is to 1/12th scale.

Su's doll

So I made my 10" custom girlie, that's her up above and she turned out just right.
While I was in the tiny mood I also made little Chiara, below.
She is only 8" tall and as is often the case with my smallest dolls I have knitted her dress, much easier to get the right size that way.
Chiara went into the shop today and she  found a home quick smart which was nice.
Don't you just love the colours she is wearing , so happy and fresh.


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