looking for a home.

15 Jun 2013

Tula Belle is ready to find a home.

She has her hand knit singlet top made from super soft baby wool with the little wooden button and the pretty pink ribbon

She has her super tough denim shorts, all soft and friendly

and she has her best friend white crocheted woollen gumboots with thick felt soles
ready for any adventure.

Tula Belle is 21" tall, $520AUD plus shipping $20 in Australia, $60 international.
 This doll and her clothes are handmade by me. She is made from all natural materials: cotton tricot skin fabric, pure wool stuffing and hand embroidered face. 
Her hair is Teaswater curls attached to a handknit cap to make a wig that is then stitched firmly to her head. Her hair can be finger combed.
She  is wearing the clothes as listed above plus she will have a cotton nightdress.

This doll is not recommended for children aged 3 years or younger and would most suit those aged 5 years and older as well as adult collectors of course.

 If you would like to give Tula Belle a home please leave a comment including your email address on this blog post or email me at littlejennywrendolls@live.com.au

A buyer will be selected in 24 hours time and will be contacted by email
so please make sure I can contact you. 

Thank you so much for your continued interest in my work and your endless support of my creativity.
I truly appreciate you all.

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  1. Thanks so much for the opportunity. I have been waiting for this. I have emailed you my details.


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