Home found

16 Jun 2013

Lots of  gorgeous people have been more than willing to give a wonderful home to my little rascal Tula Belle.

Only one family could be chosen and they have been notified by email.
 My daughter chose a name out of the glass bowl and then Annabelle whispered the name to Tula Belle.

She hopes her family live in a warm place because it is getting rather chilly around here.

All things being well Tula Belle will be on her way in the next few days to a life of adventures and fun.

She is so excited though she was a little bewildered at first. 
I will have to get out a map and show her where her new home will be.
I know she will miss the playroom gang but I'm sure there is a new gang to welcome her in her new home.

I thank you all so much for your support of my adventures with my dolls.

2 Responses to “Home found”

  1. Please assure her that she is going to a very balmy climate. It's probably for the best that she didn't come here. She would have enjoyed the summer, but our winters are so very cold. ;)

  2. So cute. I'm sure Tula Bella will be very happy ;-)


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