Amity's story

6 Jun 2013

Amity lives in an old  terrace house, lacework balconies and tall windows, two blocks from Princes Square.
 If she stands on her tiptoes at her upstairs bedroom window she can see the tops of the big oak trees, green in summer and bare in winter.
 Standing at her window she can imagine that she hears the splashing fountain,
 that she can feel the cool water on her fingertips.
  So many times she has sat on the  low smooth wall that surrounds the fountain
 with her hands in the water hoping to touch
one of the wonderfully fat, bright orange fish
that swim in and out of the clump of water lilies
 and always stay just slightly
out of reach.

When she was younger she would lie on her belly at the water's edge just like her brother does now to splosh her hands around. 
Such a cool place,
this iron fenced square of tall proud trees,
 bouncy green grass,
 flower beds arranged just so with pansies or petunias or poppies
 and in the middle,
 the children's fountain linking little ones back through the generations.

Amity likes to wear her soft blue gingham frock that smells of sunshine and summer.
 It keeps her cool and swirls satisfyingly when she twirls and twirls, feeling the breeze on her sunbrowned legs.
Granny embroidered pretty red hearts on the skirt and they always make her smile.
 This dress, for this summer, is her very favourite.
 Lucky things happen in this dress.
 Once she found a shiny golden coin,
 once she heard an old man whistle such a pretty tune and
 once, just once she was almost absolutely certain that, just for a fairy second she touched the golden scales of the prettiest orange fish when she sat on the wall on the shady side of the fountain.

Today she wears her favourite dress, she has found a flowery scarf in Mummy's drawer to tie up her hair, she wears her just right black shoes, no socks, too hot.

Mummy is ready, 
little brother is ready,
 Mummy calls to Amity to come downstairs.

Amity leaves her magic window, 
grabs Flossy the elephant,
 runs down to Mummy
 and off they go for their picnic in the Princes Square.

( Here is the story of our beautiful fountain  )

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7 Responses to “Amity's story”

  1. Another lovely story Jenny!! This one is especially dear to my heart because my great grandmother's name was Amity, Amity Ann...that's where my middle name came from. I love all of your creations, but this girl really fills my heart <3

  2. Lovely story Jenny.
    I love Princes Square, one of my favourite places in Launceston in summer.

    cheers Kate

    1. Thanks Kate. I think Princes Square is a very precious place

  3. She is lovely, Jenny
    And so is the elephant!

  4. beautiful they have such cute faces.....Cheryl


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