weekend doll Emma

3 May 2013

This little girl is the first in my new line of dolls,
the Gallerie Dolls,
dolls that reflect an aspect of my childhood, their creation sparked by a memory,
 a photograph , a song, a smell, a season.

I hope Emma might touch a place on your heart that reminds you of the time when you were wide eyed with wonder,
when you found joy and sadness in the tiniest and biggest things,
when you truly lived in the moment.

My Mum always wanted one of her children to have curly hair so when I was just a little one she would put curlers in my hair and transform me into the curly headed child.

Never was the transformation as miraculous as this little ones hair that is a hand made wig of Wensleydale locks.
 Emma is 12" (30cm) tall and has classic childlike proportions an is made from all natural fibres in the Waldorf tradition, cotton skin fabric, wool stuffing and hand embroidered face.

She has two outfits.
The first is a navy cotton polka dot dress trimmed with cotton lace and fastened with mother of pearl buttons. This combines with citrus green gingham pedal pushers and wool felt shoes. Emma also has a muslin pinafore decorated with a small panel of vintage embroidery taken from one of my childhood pillowcases and  along the hem are the words, 'Mum always wanted me to have curly hair'
Emma is a sweet memory of my own mid century childhood.

Her second outfit is a handknit woollen smock top and hand knit bloomers with a knit lace trim.

I have based Emma on a little sketch I made and a copy of this will be included with the doll.

Emma and her clothes are fully hand washable
Emma is most suitable for older children and adult collectors mainly because of her more delicate hair and more difficult clothes fastenings.
This doll is not recommended for children aged 3 years and younger as she presents a choking hazard.

Emma is for sale by auction.
The auction begins this evening at 11pm AEST and finishes tomorrrow morning at 11am AEST.
Here is a link to her listing 

4 Responses to “weekend doll Emma”

  1. Lovely doll! I have searched for ways to make a waldorf doll's hair curly. I love yours. Can you share your trick?

    1. This dolls hair is teeswater locks, they are curly like this on the sheep. You can buy them on Etsy https://www.etsy.com/au/search?q=teeswater%20locks

    2. I never thanked you for your reply! Thank you :)

      Do you have a tutorial on how to crochet the weft for the mohair wigs you make? If so, I'd love to learn how to do such a nice job as you. Also, do you have patterns for your doll clothes? They're adorable!

  2. Hi Mary, here is a tutorial for making a wig using wefts http://bibibutterscotchdolls.blogspot.com.au/2013/10/how-to-crochet-wig-with-weft-mohair.html The doll on this page has a knitted cap ( or you could crochet most people do). Once the cap is stitched in place the locks have been hooked through using Carpet stitch http://www.victorian-embroidery-and-crafts.com/carpet_stitch.html
    I don't sell doll clothes patterns but if you search on Etsy you are sure to find some patterns to suit this style of doll.


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