the white Tardis

9 May 2013

Just before my sister went overseas, so about 3 months ago, our fridge died.
Our fridge was 25 years old, I was so excited when we bought it to put in our new home.
 I had only ever had second hand fridges before and I had never owned a house before and all of a sudden I had both.

The fridge dies and as luck would have it we were looking after my sister's fridge and so we had a replacement. 
Since then the dead fridge has lived first in the boy's bedroom and then out in the back garden near the outside loo.

This morning it was at the end of the driveway in the mist, like a white Tardis.
It was certainly confusing the cats.

It was waiting to be picked up by the man who gives a home to retired fridges,
not sure what its next life will be but I'm glad it had a place to go and we didn't have to get it there because we don't own a trailer or a ute.
Now if we could just find someone who wants a thirty year old retired toilet we'll be set.

One Response to “the white Tardis”

  1. I like this post :) the pic down the driveway with the tardis in the mist is very cool and yay for reclaiming fridges. Go the fridge-reclaiming-man! :) Enjoy your new fridge (PS we only ever had second hand ones too, it was a big spin out when we bought our first brand newie).


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