Sunday Market at Evandale

5 May 2013

From Evandale market

It was a textbook autumn day today.
Crisp frosty morning followed by a sunny still day.

Stephen and I headed out to Evandale after a late breakfast. 
I was on a mission to buy some bacon from Langdale Farm  and I knew they would be at the market. 
The market was big and varied today, lots of bric a brac and tat, fruit and vegies, bread and cakes, pot plants and take away food.

I found the Farm stall and bought bacon and pork sausages.
I also couldn't pass these sweet little pumpkins which will decorate some corner until they are eaten. 
Bought some organic apples too and Stephen stocked up on made in Australia woollen socks and found some bargain car ramps.
The nice lady with the handmade goat's milk soap wasn't there and I have lost her card so I have no way of contacting her.

We looked longingly at a Huon Pine chest of drawers, supposedly Victorian era
 and hidden amongst much bigger books I found this dear Little Golden book,
Prayers for Children, illustrated by Rachel Taft Dixon. 

The inscription is from 6th June, 1947 
and is to Dear Jennifer love from Berle.

Jennifer is  Jennifer M. Guy of 7 Hill St Launceston which I think is near Arbour Park, Hill Street, West Launceston where Dad used to take my sister and me for a lunch of hot chips or pasties and sausage rolls on the days when Mum had nothing for our school lunches. 
Such a treat to have Dad pick us up for lunch and sit on the very steep hill and look out over Launceston.
You can see a little film of Arbour Park over on Youtube

Here are some of the beautiful illustrations from the book.

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