Goldie and Beatie

29 May 2013


So Goldilocks made a mess, stole some food and ran away. 
What a naughty girl.

Mrs Bear went to visit Goldie's mother to discuss the child's wild behaviour and between the two they formed a plan.
Every Saturday morning for a month Goldilocks was to visit the Bears' house and help with any jobs that needed doing.


Accompanied by much flolloping and flouncing Goldie did what she had to and along the way week by week she realised she had been naughty and she could do better and also along the way she became friends with baby Bear whose name was actually Beatrice.


After Goldie's work was done each week the two of them would take a picnic into the woods and laugh and sing and enjoy whatever yummy food their mothers had made for them. 
Their very, very favourite was Battenberg cake cut into a slice so big that they had to share it, one yellow and one pink square each.

Beatie and Goldie became the best of friends, they were not always good little girls, I believe their middle names were Mischief and Caprice, but they were true and loyal friends.

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2 Responses to “Goldie and Beatie”

  1. That made me chuckle, as Mum of three girls I know exactly what flolloping and flouncing looks like!

  2. I LOVE them both! Goldie's dress is exquisite! As is her precious face. You did a lovely job!


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