Emma, a Gallerie Doll

2 May 2013


So this dear curly headed girl has been keeping me company in the playroom all week, 
encouraging and inspiring me to make her beautiful clothes and learn her wonderful story.


She is a delight, I am so in love with her inquisitive little face and easy warm smile.


You know my mum really did want me to have curly hair and when she saw little Emma and her head full of woolly locks she was enchanted. 
My mum truly believes that no other doll maker manages to create a doll face as simple and expressive as the one's her daughter makes. 
Aren't Mums wonderful, no matter how old you get they are still your number one supporter.
 Whether it's true or not it's lovely to hear.


Little Emma, who is one of my 12" tall Classic LJW dolls, is the first of the special edition Gallerie Dolls.
I still have a few things to finish for her and then she will  be auctioned this weekend.
I will post details here as soon as they are finalised.


2 Responses to “Emma, a Gallerie Doll”

  1. She is breathtaking, Jenny! I looked very much like that as a child with all the red curls and blue eyes :) She is perfect.

  2. I imagine that if sweet Emma came to live here, she would be in my lap all day and I would never get anything done, ever again. Because I'd be too busy playing with her and reading her stories.


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