17 May 2013

Maisie Lou & Sadie Jane

I have been forgetting to show you the dolls I have been making.
So sorry.


These two girls have been so much fun to make.
 I had a lot of trouble deciding on their hair but once I got that decision made it was full steam ahead from there.

Sadie Jane

Maisie Lou

This chubby baby doll is in the works as well but I am a bit stuck on her clothes 
so she has to cuddle a bunny to keep warm 
poor child.

Oh and the two girls above will be in my new shop tomorrow morning at 9.30am

One Response to “dollies”

  1. Beautiful work, as always Jenny! I had a go at making a cloth doll yesterday, and my respect for you and your skill has grown even more!! Love, Tina xx


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