Cool Kids Club

24 May 2013


Did you have a brother or sister that you liked to play with when you were a little child ?
Did you like playing by yourself as well ?
Did your brother or sister think up THE best games ?


Jack has a sister called Maggie.
She is lots of fun to play with because she thinks up really cool games and she even invented her own club, The Cool Kids club. 
She doesn't really know what cool kids are but she and Jack have lots of fun.
Their clubhouse is in the garden, down near the hen house behind the apple trees.

Mum can't see them there and they can giggle and plan adventures and even just lie in the grass and stare at the sky watching the clouds.

Today though Maggie is getting a new dress and she can't decide on what colour it should be, so Jack is playing with his toy boats and waiting.

Jack and Maggie are both 12" tall and will be available to those looking for a smaller doll in my Hand-Made shop tomorrow morning. 
You will get to meet Maggie later today


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