31 May 2013

Yesterday I got a bee in my bonnet about making a new doll
so I abandoned everything else I should have been doing and got stuck in.

I had the house to myself until about 8pm and dinner was sorted so I could dedicate myself to the task

I knew her name was Brigitte before we even started
I knew she needed a different shape, a different construction
Somehow she came together without too much drama, the head was constructed in a slightly different way, I based her body on an old  rag doll pattern of mine.
I changed the shape of her eyes, going for more of a teardrop shape.
A few things had to be tossed aside and redone but all in all it was a painless process.

I had clothes already for her and I sat up last night and again early this morning making her hair.

She is a big girl, 20" tall but just such a pet.

She will be available in my shop tomorrow morning at 9.30am
There are more pictures on Flickr

2 Responses to “Brigitte”

  1. Such a beautiful creation. I love Brigette

  2. She is lovely. I enjoy thinking about your day stitching your little dolly that you dreamed up.


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