Spruced up

11 Apr 2013

I know it's not a very arty picture or even an incredibly different bathroom but it's our renovated bathroom and apart from the electrical jobs Stephen did it all by himself using his handyman skills gained over the past 30 years and his common sense.

This little room was originally a box room, what luxury to have a room just for storing bits and pieces, sensible people back in the 1930s. 

When the house was built the toilet was out in the shed next to the laundry and the bath, no shower, was in the bathroom.
We call it the bath bathroom, it's still there.
It has a bath and a handbasin and it's a useful room because apart from being an extra place to wash humans
 it also doubles as the place where I do any handwashing of woollens and delicates,
 it's the place where sick animals are tended and can be kept separate from the rest of the house.

The original outside loo is still there too and is used occasionally.
Occasionally it is used often as it was over Easter when everyone was home and Stephen was renovating the bathroom you see in the picture.

As I said, this little bathroom that contains the shower, the toilet and a handbasin was originally a box room. The people who owned the house between us and the original owners decided that a toilet out in the shed was a bad idea and converted the boxroom to the little bathroom and also added an extra door to the room so that it was kind of an ensuite but not quite.
 As the only toilet in the house this room gets a lot of use and the door into our bedroom meant it was not so private in both the bedroom and the bathroom.

So Stephen blocked off the doorway, replacing the wall and picture rails,
 he painted the bathroom, first having to repair all the cracks in the walls.
He removed the ceiling fan and prepared the hole for the new fan, light, heater combo to go in,
 he took up the old lino and put in the new lino,
he put in a new blind
and then he installed the new toilet.
 The shower screen was replaced a couple of years ago because the original 1980s one had cracked.
The handbasin and cupboard are also from the 1980s and are servicable and look OK.
We do need new taps but we haven't found what we want yet.

All in all a great job of making the room more suited to our needs,
more efficient and nicely spruced up.
I'll add a bit of colour with a curtain and of course pretty coloured towels and there may be a print or two to go up on the walls though at the moment I am enjoying the clean whiteness of it all.

Thank you Mr Marshall


7 Responses to “Spruced up”

  1. what a clever man you have.

    cheers Kate

  2. what a clever man you have.

    cheers Kate

  3. Perhaps there is something in the breed of Mr Marshalls that makes them very handy and inventive? Well done Stephen, it's a lovely looking bathroom, I especially love the tiles.

  4. very nice, jenny, but now i want to see the outside loo! :o)

  5. very nice, jenny, but now i want to see the outside loo! :o)


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