8 Apr 2013


One of the things I like best about autumn and spring  is that they announce themselves with plenty of colour.

Not much evidence of the leaves turning yet in my garden 
but we are getting a good blast of red on a vivid green backdrop.

The rain we have had has freshened up the grass and given lots of new tender shoots that are growing like crazy after the long dry summer. 
Not sure if that's good for the farmers, is it?
 I never know.
 It used to be a common saying when I was young and the weather was being a bit perverse ,
 'it's good for the farmers though'.

It's good for me to have moved on from daylight savings, it just hung on for a little too long you know, like a visitor that you have enjoyed but their flight was cancelled and they have to stay an extra few days when you had plans to do other stuff.
 I was rebelling against having to get up in the dark when it wasn't anywhere near winter.  
Now for a few weeks at least my morning light has been restored to me.


2 Responses to “red”

  1. Absolutely agree re DLS and it would be worse for you being further south. Four months a year would be enough I'm sure.

  2. Those apples look delicious. I, too agree about DLS, the last couple of years I've found myself well ready for it to end.


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