22 Apr 2013

Juliette is used to people complimenting her on her hair and she does like her hair but she wants people to notice other things too.

Things like the fact that she has read lots and lots of books especially books about girls who lived a long time ago, books like Jane Eyre and Anne of Green Gables and she is the fastest runner of any of her friends and that she can cook scrambled eggs all by herself.

Juliette will be in the shop in just a little while

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  1. Juliette is adorable, as all of your creations are. And, I truly believe that they are really true. I love that she wants to run faster than anyone..reminds me of me so many, many years ago as a wee one in Hawaii.
    You are such a gifted doll maker, giving all of them a life of their own with such skill and attention to detail.
    I have read your entries for a long time and am ashamed that I have never left a note.
    Your skills are amazing.
    With much appreciation, Ellen.

  2. Ellen is so right! You are skilled, not only in making the dolls, but in giving them very clear personalities. She's gorgeous!


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