Gallerie Dolls

28 Apr 2013


This little girl is the first in my new line of dolls,
the Gallerie Dolls.
Dolls that reflect an aspect of my childhood, their creation sparked by a memory,
 a photograph , a song, a smell, a season.

My childhood days seemed to last forever, I was always loved and cared for, 
my family home was a happy home 
and my mother lives there still in the house that she and my dad built when I was a just a twinkle in their eyes.

I lived on the edge of bushland.
 I lived in a time where children could wander at will,
where we knew almost everyone in the street,
 who was friendly and who was a bit grumpy. 
There were no play dates, we just turned up at a friend's house and asked to play.

I guess I am looking back through rose coloured glasses but I know in my heart it is true,
 my childhood was a charmed one and I am truly grateful 
and more than willing to share this mosaic of moments that inspire my work.

The Gallerie Dolls will be an occasional collection, created as inspiration settles on me.
 I am thinking these dolls will be better suited to older children and adults,
not that they won't need plenty of cuddles and love
 but they will be appreciated more by older eyes,
they might touch a place on your heart that reminds you of the time when you were wide eyed with wonder,
when you found joy and sadness in the tiniest and biggest things,
when you truly lived in the moment.

I hope you will join me on this journey.

4 Responses to “Gallerie Dolls”

  1. Looking forward to a glimpse into your childhood Jenny :)

  2. I had a charmed childhood in the country too! Sounds like a lovely line of dolls. Can't wait to see.


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