3 Apr 2013


There comes a time when you just let yourself do what you want to do, make what you want to make and trust that others will like what you do.
I trust that you will like Phoebe and enjoy the things I am making for her.
I know a lot of you who read my blog, who like my dolls are a little or a lot like me.
 I know that those of you who follow my Pinterest account like lots of the same things that I do.
It's nice to be a part of a group with similar tastes but from lots of different backgrounds and experiences who have somehow come together in our love of handmade loveliness and vintage goodness.
I am eternally grateful to have found my place, to have found enough like minded people to no longer feel like an odd bod.


My dolls are a reflection of me just being me and loving what I love and trying to transform the ideas and dreams and memories I have into a reality in my chosen art form, the doll.
Phoebe is me being me, created in isolation in my little crowded sunny almost studio.
She's pretty nice don't you think.
I love her, she's a honey.


Phoebe, and her various outfits and bits and pieces will be available in my shop this weekend.
The extras will be available separately to whoever decides to buy her.
If the buyer decides they don't want the extras they will then be available to whoever wants to buy them.
I have let myself just make whatever I wanted to make.
I have had fun.
There is more to come.
What a charmed life, how lucky am I.

5 Responses to “freedom”

  1. A charmed life indeed. I just love your dolls, posts, and pictures. They all give a little insight into the loveliness that is you. :) And if you taught a class on how to make those lovely dolls, I would be there in an instant. :) Phoebe is darling!

  2. Jenny, what a touching post. Phoebe truly is a lovely reflection of you being you. And, I love your header advice on living a quiet life. Kindred spirits from afar.


  3. She is a honey for sure!! I just love your creations Jenny, all are so beautiful and so unique.

  4. You'd have to lead a charmed life to do what you do Jenny. :)


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