1 Apr 2013

 Easter has come and gone.
The house filled up with family as my beautiful boys came home with all their mess and energy and manliness.
Katie is always so happy when her brothers come home.

 Hot cross buns were made and buttered and taken in to the front room
 where the sun was filling the room with warmth.
The extended family gathered on Good Friday at mum's because that was the day we could gather.
We shared a simple meal of chowder and fish and chips, exchanged Easter goodies that we promised not to eat until Sunday and laughed and talked and enjoyed each other. 
So much less fuss than Christmas or a birthday, a simple time to share family.

Sunday was filled with chocolate and finished off with a leg of  lamb roasted on a bed of sliced potato and onion and stock and served with home grown baked pumpkin and butter sweated beetroot and followed with just a little more chocolate from Norman and Dann

Now it's early Monday  morning.
Time for some coffee.

One Response to “Easter”

  1. Sounds perfectly wonderful. We've had a lovely long weekend with our girls too. Good food, wine, talking and laughs. Pity it's back to the grind tomorrow.

    Cheers - Joolz


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