curly hair

27 Apr 2013

church anniversary day

My mother always wanted one of her children to have curly hair so when I was just a little one she would put curlers in my hair and transform me into the curly headed child.
I'm the little girl on the end, next to me is my big brother and the other two are my cousins.

The curls never lasted long and the curlers were a bit uncomfortable to sleep in.
 Sometimes she put my hair in rags and that wasn't much better.

Eventually she gave up and of most of the rest of my childhood my hair was short, a short sweet bob.
Poor mum she had to wait until her grandchildren to get just one out of eight who had curly hair and that didn't last.

Tonight I made a doll with the most delicious curly hair. 
I'll should have some pictures to share tomorrow.

the back yard 1963

One Response to “curly hair”

  1. My hair is as straight as a die so Mum subjected me to horrible metal clips for special occasions like Sunday school. I rebelled at aout seven.


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