cool weather

26 Apr 2013

We are well into cool weather now and our
firewood supplies of course are running low because I am always late ordering more.

It is always a feeling of acute deprivation when  firewood stocks are low and absolute luxury when the wood shed is full and there is kindling aplenty as well and keeping the fire going is simple rather than a tense exercise.

I find cooking much more pleasurable in the cooler months, do you?
Making stews, casseroles, soups, baked dinners is comforting and warming and the left overs are good.
Summer often feels like meals are a bother.

Dressing the bed for the cold brings back lovely memories of flannelette sheets and electric blankets, such an indulgence but they made bedtime a joy especially when you had a good book to read. We don't have an electric blanket  now but still change over to warmer sheets and add woollen blankets as well as the down filled but very old quilt to make things snuggly and nice.

Pulling my old lambswool slippers out from under the bed is a sure sign it's chilly, the floorboards always tell me the weather report and mostly these days it is SLIPPER WEATHER.

And making sure my dolls have socks makes me feel warmer too.
Mum has added  doll sock knitting to her repertoire so now the dolls of  have snuggly feet and warm little bottoms with their hand knit knickers.

2 Responses to “cool weather”

  1. Your dolls are amazing. Each one has its own spirit and personality. I love looking at them.
    Fall is my favorite time of year, and we do love warming soups and comforting food. We are also fortunate that we (so far) always have a good supply of wood for our stove which is kept burning for many, many months...usually until July.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

  2. Enjoy your fall.....I love that time of the year. We are on the other hand,just feeling some very warm days,and I am not looking forward to summer...not my favorite season :) Your doll is precious,as always.....blessings


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