Weekend doll

23 Mar 2013


Peppy is one of those little girls who is just so kind and lovely.
Much like my own daughter, she loves to giggle and dance and sing but she always knows when someone needs a kind word or a cuddle.


We have had fun getting to know each other.
She had a pretty clear idea of how she wanted to be, let's say she is quite determined, really I just had to let nature take its course.

I have been saving this panda fabric for a while now and once we decided on the t shirt fabric it was obvious I had finally found just the best doll for panda overalls.


Peppy has knitted socks and hand made felt shoes.
I am on a bit of a journey with doll shoes.
 I would really like to make some soft leather shoes but for the moment I am practising
and perfecting  felt  ones.
My Dad  was an apprentice bootmaker back in the 1940s in Melbourne.
He isn't around any more to ask for advice so I will just have to do it on my own.
It's two years today since Dad died, that time has gone so quickly but I think of him every day you know, mostly music is the thing that triggers a memory which is funny but probably very common.

My Dad's extended family used to get together on Sundays and singalongs were a big thing.
This was Depression era Melbourne so I guess you would have some idea of the songs they sang.
It's a nice picture in my head of a big happy family singing together.

Anyway, back to Peppy.
Peppy is named after the character in the film The Artist.
Have you seen it?
It is set in the late 1920s and into the  Great Depression.

Peppy is such a gorgeous character, maybe she was as kind and funny and sweet as my Peppy when she was a little girl


She is such a sweet heart


I have knitted her a cardigan as well and it reminds me so much of the knitwear mum used to make for my children when they were young. 
She seemed to have a never ending supply of a similar coloured blue wool and she also had a large supply of a soft mustard coloured yarn. 
Mustard and  mid blue became the unofficial colours of my children's play clothes in winter.

Peppy is a 17" Sweet Child doll and she will be in my Etsy shop this morning at 8.30am Tasmanian time.


3 Responses to “Weekend doll”

  1. Just love Peppy. She will bring such joy into some lucky child's world. I'm sorry you've lost your Dad - me too. Miss him and think of him often (almost 11 years now). xo

  2. I just love the outfit, so sweet! it has been 2 years for me too since my father passed away. I miss him and think of him often!

  3. More than 17 years since my Mom died suddenly, no warning at all, and I still miss her. But it does get better.

    Peppy is darling and the movie was terrific, too!


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