Weekend doll

10 Mar 2013


Margaret Mary  has slowly but surely come to life.
An old fashioned name but not an old fashioned girl
except in the way that she loves just about everything
her Gran says and does.


She loves all the crazy stuff Gran has in her house,
the embroidered doileys,
 the crocheted rugs,
the old photos of a family that Margaret Mary is happy to be a part of,
all the uncles and aunties and cousins.
 Pictures of her mum when she was just a little girl and on the day she married.


Margaret Mary loves Gran's sweet floral blouses, 
her  sensible woollen skirts 
and her precious hand knits.


Time spent at Gran's house is just the best.
Margaret Mary shares her secrets with Gran, she shares her dreams especially the dream about wanting to be an artist when she grows up and Gran tells her to follow her heart, that she can be what ever she truly wants to be, that it might not be easy and it might take a lot of work and sacrifice but she is certain that Margaret Mary can be what ever she wants to be.

That dream is the best.

( Margaret Mary is a 17" Sweet Child doll, she will be in the shop on Sunday 10th March)

Margaret Mary

7 Responses to “Weekend doll”

  1. She is a very beautiful and touchingly girl:) My favourite kind of girls... May be I would be in time tomorrow:)

  2. What a beautiful and sweet Mary Margaret. She will make some little girl so happy.

  3. I've enjoyed looking at the pictures of your dolls so much! They are so sweet...I'm a doll maker here in the United States (although, not the Waldorf style).. I look forward to peeking in again to see all your new creations :o)

  4. Mary Margaret is so beautiful Jenny!!

  5. She is so pretty I have a weakness for ginger girls! Love the freckles!

  6. What a beautifull little girl....such sweetness emane from her !!


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