16 Mar 2013

half dead cuttings trying to be revived

So the weather has truly turned and we are experiencing a cold autumn day.
My goodness we have even had rain.

A couple of days ago, when it was still unseasonably hot Stephen produced these sad looking specimens in the milk bottle after leaving them without water in the car all night.
Someone from work had brought in cuttings of Thai basil and Vietnamese mint, we think.

I stuck them in some water to see if they would revive and they have perked up a little since this photo was taken. 
I guess in a day or two I will plant them in a pot. 
Does anyone have any advice about these two plants because I have never grown or used them before.

Kate's bike

After being thoroughly tired of the hot weather I am now, of course, cross that we have been plunged into cold weather with barely a glimpse of warm in between.
Still it is good knitting weather and eating weather and tonight I am cooking pork chops and roast potatoes, steamed carrots and peas, basically I am using up what we have on hand but it should be yummy.

I hope you are enjoying whatever the season is throwing at you.


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  1. Yesterday here in Melbourne we too had a much cooler day, and in the afternoon we actually had some heavy rain! Which our garden was thankful for. I made pumpkin soup for dinner, which seemed strange after the very long spell of very hot weather we had been having.
    Sorry I can't help with ideas for your herbs.

  2. I have Thai basil growing along side sweet basil in my herb bed (and lemon basil - if you can get this it is well worth growing, very nice in salads and ommelettes) My herb bed is on the south wall of the house in the semi shade and the basils all seem to do very well there, however I'm in Brisbane so my growing conditions are somewhat different to Tassie! I imagine yours might want full sun and maybe not so much water - I have to water everyday sometimes twice in hot weather. I use Thai basil in stirfrys and salads but a little goes a long way because it has a very strong aniseed flavour that can be overpowering if you use too much, just a couple of leaves is plenty. It is a very good bee attractor if you let it flower - we have had lots of native blue banded bees around now the rains have finally cleared away. I'm a bit envious of your cooler weather, after 6 weeks of continual rain it was 33 degrees here yesterday.I can't wait for it to cool down, but at least the rainwater tanks are full.


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