Pretty Peppy

18 Mar 2013


A new week and a new doll to get to know.
Peppy has been waiting in the wings for a couple of weeks now but her turn has finally arrived.

She is all wide blue eyes and a cheeky smirk,
lots of crazy curls and and I think she might have some pretty crazy schemes bubbling away .


I am so enjoying being able to take my time with each doll though some don't really want me to take my time, they just want me to get on with it.
Each week, each doll is different and the rhythm of my day varies with my mood,
but taking the time to sketch my ideas lets me really get to know each new personality.
And who knew I would be able to sketch.
I know I am not great but I am enjoying it and from a distance, with a squinted eye, my drawings look OK.
I have always wanted to be able to draw,
I could have gone to a class I suppose,
 but I have decided to go the DIY way.

I have also wished I could sew knit fabrics
and look...
 I managed a half way decent t shirt and I didn't even swear along the way.


5 Responses to “Pretty Peppy”

  1. yay for sewing knit fabrics.

    Love the way your dolls present on paper first.

    cheers Kate

  2. The drawing is amazing as is the sewing and your dolls!

  3. She has such a sweet little face with those big blue eyes!! Love her stripey T shirt and her kitty friend! I have fallen hard for your dolls and my granddaughters have too :)

  4. I love your sketches and that you let your life flow before you each week instead of running to stay ahead of it!!


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