Pretty eyes

5 Mar 2013

Margaret Mary

Usually my dolls have very simple eyes, 
bigger than a traditional Waldorf doll but just a simple satin stitched dot.

This is Margaret Mary and she decided that I should stop practising a slightly different eye that I have been doodling around with for a while and just let her have them.
She thinks they are pretty, I do too but it scares me a little do be doing something which to me seems so different from what I have always done.

Mary and Mark 1968, illustrated by  Marcel Marlier

Although Margaret Mary's eyes don't really look anything like the wonderful eyes on these Marcel  Marlier illustrations they are indeed my inspiration.
Are you familiar with his work? 
There is a Flickr group full of this kind of loveliness.
You can pop over and have a look, here is the link.

I have several of his books from my own childhood and a couple that I have found in the charity shops. 

Mary and Mark 1968, illustrated by  Marcel Marlier

Margaret Mary is badly in need of some hair and clothes.
 I am balancing several dolls needs at the moment, working with different dolls at different times as they succeed in getting my attention.
For the moment there is a custom doll to finish and a Jammy Dodger to prepare for the shop, 
the others are a raggle taggle bunch who will mostly amuse themselves today, 
I hope.

Margaret Mary

2 Responses to “Pretty eyes”

  1. I love her eyes...they remind me a bit of another doll...just can't remember which one. Blessings


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