2 Mar 2013

dolly knickers

No need to get your knickers in a twist about strange blog posts appearing in your blog reader. 
I am just doing some some shuffling around, moving boxes, unpacking bits and bobs as my dolly blog moves in to live with this my original and most comfortable blog.

Things should settle down soon and life can return to the way things were before I attempted to write two blogs. 
We will see how it goes but I am sure it will be a much more productive arrangement. 
Thanks for sticking around.

3 Responses to “ ”

  1. Always nice visiting you Jen.....blessings

  2. I'm glad you put them back together. I love reading about your life in Tasmania and your creative life making dolls.

  3. I have enjoyed this blog the most and the longest. While I LOVE your dolls, I also really enjoy reading about your daily life. It helps to put things in perspective to see that you have a full and busy life in addition to making your dolls! Thanks for joining the blogs for the best of both your worlds in one place!


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