Minna and Freya

29 Mar 2013


I have been working on a couple of dolls this week, Minna and Freya.
They have been a joy to create I have to tell you.


It has been quite a busy week with Kate having a dental appointment that turned out thankfully to be a lot of fuss about nothing.
Andy arrived home from uni on Wednesday evening, Louis arrives home today.
I had to make a visit to Coco Bean to get some Easter treats, catch up on the weekend's washing before the entire family ran out of undies and  help organise what was happening for a larger family get together today.
I tried and succeeded to get these dolls finished and in the shop before the Easter break began.


I do apologise if you are a blog reader and not also on Facebook as I didn't manage to get a blog post up before these two girls went into the shop.
I logged on to do just that only to find a whole heap of computer problems  that were simple to solve but took the time I had allowed for blogging.


Here are a few snaps from the doll family album.
This one is Florence and Minna. 

Florence will be with me for another week or two before she is ready for the shop
Minna has found a lovely home.


Freya and her pretty hair.
She has also found her home.


and a couple more of Minna because I like the way the photos turned out.


and a last picture of Freya.


Now although  you missed out on these two sweethearts you might be interested in an almost give away doll on my Facebook page
Facebook rules don't allow unhosted give aways so a nominal $1 is being charged for little Petal.

Please feel free to pop over and leave a comment and then you will be in the running to win her.
You will need to like the page to be able to leave a comment.

Here is the link 

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  1. Jenny, Freya is just lovely, I must contact you on how to order a dolly for my little girl. ~Cyn


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