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2 Mar 2013


Saturday, it seems like almost a perfect day, calm sunny weather, no wind.

A little sniff of autumn in the air and I have to say I am a little relieved to see the end of summer.
 It has been so dry, lots of gorgeous days but so dry.

We went to the Farmer's market this morning but it mostly leaves me uninspired which seems wrong.
 It is a wonderful thing but I feel that apart from meat, fish and dairy products I should be supplying my own fruit and veg and bread and preserves and I do manage to supply quite a bit myself.
  Also I do like to wander up the street and visit the butcher and the organic grocer who know me and we have built a relationship with and I like to buy a little often rather than buy a week's worth in one go.
I treasure not having to get into a car to go and buy what I need, I know how lucky I am.

I love having good local shops. 
It would be nicer if they were on a cute old high street instead of one of the busiest pieces of road in town but I am not looking for a car park or perilously crossing roads so I can pretend it's a charming location.

I should have taken some cute photos of my local shops but I forgot my camera when I popped up the street to get some supplies for the weekend yesterday. 
Maybe next time.

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