27 Mar 2013


Even though most days during the week I am here alone I always stop for a morning cuppa.

Lately is seems to happen when I have finished my morning chores around the house and am about to start on some doll work.

Today I went searching for this cup which was one of four I had back in the 90s and loved using for a cup of coffee. I still have then all, maybe you have some similar ones.

The colours are actually quite 70s I think.
 I packed them away because I needed the space for my pretty floral china tea cups.

I am contemplating a few colour changes around the house especially the loungeroom and playroom so I am all about colours at the moment.
 Well, colour is always important to me but I am  thinking about which ones make me really happy.
You can have a look at my Pinterest home page to see where I am heading.

One Response to “colour”

  1. Today is the festival of colours HOLI in India ,
    You will see colours everywhere , people are playing with colours and water .
    I love old crockery too.. It feels good to use them
    Can you write one day in my life post once again ..... with pictures ..Ilove them.


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