Autumn at last

15 Mar 2013

So the weather has finally decided to turn and a little taste of autumn has settled in.
Now it feels good to be in the garden rather than feeling like you are sitting, sweating on a barbecue.

The nights are cool, perhaps now too dramatically cool 
but I won't complain for fear of being labelled never satisfied.

This weekend I will start the garden clean up and I think some planting needs to be done as well as the neverending weeding.

Soon Katie is having a little party to sell some of her jewellery that she makes and I would like to have the garden looking a little more appealing.

Phoebe is such a dear old cat, she looks decidedly like something the proverbial cat dragged in but you couldn't ask for a sweeter girl. 
She is approaching her 14th birthday, she is Andy's cat, his very best friend since he was just 7 
and now he is almost 21.

I think she did give Inge Lise a few tense moments but Inge sat very very still 
and Phoebe decided she wasn't worth wrestling to the ground.


Inge Lise will be offered for sale by auction on Saturday at noon.
The auction will run for 24 hours.

You can view it over here.
The time on the site is set to the east coast of North America so don't take any notice of the clock at the top of the auction page unless you live on the east coast of the US or Canada. 
And also cross your fingers that I have managed to set the right time for the auction to begin, time conversions are not my strong suit.

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