Sunday Vintage Goodness

3 Feb 2013

one of my 1st birthday cards, 1960

Do you like vintage children's birthday cards?

It will come as no surprise to find out that I do.

from 1958

I have a small collection , small because they are the birthday cards from my own childhood and my brother's cards too.
 He was born in 1956, I was born in 1959. 
I'm not sure where my sister's cards are, probably still at mum's.

from 1959

I just love the colours and the images.

from 1960

and this one below, television came to Australia in 1956 for the Melbourne Olympic games.
We got a TV in our house in 1963 and this card is from 1962.
Have you kept your cards from childhood?
You can see more of mine here.

from 1962

2 Responses to “Sunday Vintage Goodness”

  1. Jenny it's an odd thing but I find I am "remembering" this cards not just recognising them.

  2. Wow. These cards are such a treasure - they make me want to pull out my childhood memory box once again. Your mum must have taken good care of these little gems.



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