3 Feb 2013


Sitting outside this morning reading a magazine with my breakfast I grabbed the first thing at hand to keep the page open so that my hands were free.
A windfall pear from the tree near the clothesline.
Funny that the article featured something similar.

It is a glorious day here, the last Sunday of the school holidays.
Kate is baking rock cakes, she is such a treasure.

I have done a little gardening but was beaten by the weather, just too hot in the garden but there's a lovely cool breeze in the shade.

Hope you're having a lovely weekend.

Oh and the magazine is this one, Pretty Nostalgic.
I love it.

One Response to “snap!”

  1. A lovely way to enjoy your breakfast....outside and an interesting mag. Thanks for the link, the magazine looks like one I will have to look out for.


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