Sing Rosanna

2 Feb 2013


Rosanna Maria, the girl with the laughing eyes and a name that sounds like music.
She loves music, she loves to dance fast and sing loudly, as loud as she can and it's a voice full of joy.

Rosanna Maria

She loves country music, just like her Grandpa.
You wouldn't think it to look at her would you.
Most of us are so much more than we appear.
She would love a cowboy hat but maybe she will get one for her birthday.


She would love a pair of cowboy boots to wear with her lacy slip.
How great would that be dancing and singing in her boots and slip with the pretty lace from Grannie's house.
Grannie had been saving the lace for just the right person and Rosanna is just the right person for sure.
  Maybe she will get some cowboy boots for her birthday.

Rosanna Maria will be in the shop later this morning,
12.30pm Tassie time 
Check here for the time where you live 



3 Responses to “Sing Rosanna”

  1. She is so sweet, just love her.
    Plus, it's fun to see what time it is in Tasmania, compared to where I am. She will be in your shop at 630pm, Friday evening - Arizona, USA time. :)

  2. She is so lovely.... I have wanted to buy one of your dolls for my now 10 year old daughter for so many years and every time I think - "Is this the one?" I really love Rosanna. I'll be checking in to your shop at 11:30am Brisbane time. :)


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