19 Feb 2013

Betsy Clark doll and candle

Awake early and writing lists. 
I have things I want to do but in our small house I would wake everyone if I start moving around the house too much so I make a cup of coffee and write lists at least until sunrise.

3 Responses to “ ”

  1. What a lovely vintage corner for a quiet moment!

  2. I seem to have the exact opposite problem....I am still awake at 12 to 1am. So I take myself off to the spare bedroom and read until I am ready to go to sleep. No sleeping in as I have to get up for work.

  3. I have the same problem as you Jenny, but I go to a couch, wrap up in blankets, drink coffee, and read - right now I am re-reading all of the Lucia novels by E.F. Benson.


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