Alone again

12 Feb 2013

Kitty in a basket

So the house is now my own, everyone is back at school or work or in Hobart getting ready to start uni.

With my new found freedom I used my time to clean out the chook house yesterday, it's been on my to do list for a while now. 
There is a new empty garden bed down near the chook yard so I put all the old straw and manure on there and then gave it a good water.

After months of having an overly stuffed house I am revelling in having more space.
 I quickly moved my sewing things back into the boys room after Andy left so that my bedroom can be a sanctuary again instead of the place for everything that didn't fit anywhere else.

I feel as though my new year is just beginning, the summer holidays were so long, lovely, lazy and relaxing but  I am ready to get into the business time of the year now, write some lists, cross things off and on to the next project. 
We are not in autumn yet but I have some autumn, get ready for the winter thoughts happening.
How about you?

2 Responses to “Alone again”

  1. I hear you Jenny, although for me this year I have my eldest at home on a gap year...searching for some work! My eldest daughter is in hospital, she has anorexia (it's been a long hard summer), I'm trying to create a new normal for myself as I like order and consistency in my life. I don't want it to be autumn or winter just yet as we haven't finished filling the wood shed and I don't like to light the fire until the shed is full....perhaps that is my little OCD tendency. lol

    cheers Kate

    ps I love it when a new post pops up in my reader from this blog. :)

  2. I do have autumn thoughts -- preserving, the heavy washing/dry cleaning. I notice that the fruit is so ripe it needs to be eaten in days, a sign of summer passing on.


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