yarn along

24 Jan 2013


I bought this yarn on Etsy last year, two skeins. 
I had just discovered   the joy that is Noro yarn and thought I might use it for doll hair maybe or a dolly cardigan.
 In the end I just looked at it and loved it and touched it.

A few days ago I decided I had to see what it looked like knitted up, how quickly the colours changed and how the colours really played together. 
So I cast on 36 stitches onto my mismatched 5mm needles and away I went.

The colours are beautiful and subtle and joyful. 
They are not really my colours so I will make this into a garter stitch cowl for my daughter.
 I'll knit until it's long enough or I run out of yarn, stitch the short ends together and hey presto, something beautiful for my beautiful daughter.

And it's perfect mindless knitting so I can read as I knit

I am joining in with Ginny's yarn along


4 Responses to “yarn along”

  1. I have a friend who knit a sweater out of that same exact yarn. It is gorgeous! I just love Noro.

  2. That colorway is lovely! I haven't used Noro, but I have a skein of Noro silk garden waiting to be used in a hat.

  3. Although mine's not Noro I picked up a nice colourway recently, I'll pop it on the blog.


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