Welcome to the New Year

1 Jan 2013

Mum's new umbrella

It seems it is the thing to do in bloggy world to reflect on the triumphs of the blogging year come New Year's eve but I can't be bothered sifting back through what has been a pretty good year.
 Lots of highs, my share of lows, not sure what I blogged about and what I didn't but now that it is January 1st, 2013 I am happy to just leave 2012 where it belongs and march on into the New Year.

Mum's ballet pictures

I must admit I haven't spent as much time on introspection and review this Christmas season as I usually do.
Don't know why.
I wasn't particularly busy I just feel like I'm in a good place and 2013 will build on 2012 which was a year when I constantly reviewed and assessed what was going right and what was going wrong, so perhaps the work is already done .

in my childhood bedroom

I do love a new year though don't you.
 New calender, new diary, a whole year laid out in front of you with so many possibilities.
And I do have some resolutions and goals, mainly to do with how I use my time and balance and community, we'll see how it goes.
 I have written them down in my journal, they will not be forgotten.

in my childhood bedroom

The last words of my first post are sandwiched between Big Ears and Noddy and sweet Holly Hobbie. 
  We visited mum a couple of days ago, the pictures in this post are all from her house.

I hope your 2012 celebrations were all that you wanted and that 2013 is a year of promise and mostly good things for everyone.
Happy New Year!

in my childhood bedroom


3 Responses to “Welcome to the New Year”

  1. Good morning Jenny and Happy New Year my friend.

  2. Happy New Year dear Jenny.
    I had a noddy the same as that one, wish I knew what became of him, also the teddy in the chair looks exactly like my "Big Ted" even down to the bald patches.
    cheers Kate

  3. yep, I'll second that. Never really one much for NY resolutions (any time is a good time to resolve to make positive change) but do like a fresh start to a new year and a new diary and calendar :)

    Best of it, to you


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