6 Jan 2013

watering the garden, Sunday morning, summertime

Watering the garden , Sunday morning before the start of another hottish day.

Another good day to do what you have to do outside well before breakfast and then spend most of the day indoors, in the cool, in a house where the windows and doors are open wide in the early morning and at twilight to let all the cooler air in and then usually shut to the heat during the worst of it.

 But I think the air is cooler today, the windows on the eastern side of the house have been left open
and the small cool breeze feels luxurious.

3 Responses to “watering”

  1. Fabulous picture! Missing summer and the gardening here in the cold of our winter. So nice to pop over and see your beautiful summer time! :)

  2. Just heard about the Tasmania fires Jenny, it all sounds dreadful. I hope you aren't affected. It's been raining in the Lake District for months so it's hardto visualise your hot weather. Stay safe and all the best to you and your family for 2013. Eli x

  3. Oh, what I would give for a cool breeze! It is 46*C here today, the 8th day of a persistent heatwave. And is that zucchini you have growing at the front of your vegie patch? It looks HUGE! Mine's a little stunted this year but thankfully we're still getting a zucchini a week from it.
    Happy 2013!


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