ten years ago

15 Jan 2013

Photos found today in a memory book from when Kate was in Prep,
 10 years ago.

Oh my...

5 Responses to “ten years ago”

  1. Oh my, how things change in ten short years :)


  2. Doesn't finding photos of our children when they were little pull at your heartstrings?

  3. It stretches the imagination to think what 10 years can be in the life of a child! Lovely photos.

  4. Those are lovely photographs.
    I was thinking about how my life has changed since my boys are grown and I have decided to do another year of "A day in my life". It is hard to believe but it was almost five years ago that you started that project. I have reread some of my posts from that time, good to have a record of those ordinary days. Thank you for having the idea in the first place and sharing it.

    1. Is it really 5 years ago! What a great idea to do it again.


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